Clear vision is critical to your personal off-road performance, and the 509 Dirt Pro Goggle delivers the goods in spades. It starts with a large oversized frame for a wide field of vision that fits perfectly inside moto style helmets including our gold standard FLY F2. The large lens opening means you have greater peripheral vision and a clearer direct line of site as you navigate your favorite stretch of trail or open desert. Each lens deliver a protective, distortion free view and features both an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating while blocking 100% of the suns harmful UV rays. You can also choose form a variety of replacement lenses including chrome, clear, polarized and race favorite tear-offs. Every 509 Dirt Pro Goggle is tear-off compatible with a unique triple tear-off post design for more positive retention of the tear-offs themselves and assured performance when you need it most. Perfect addition to FLY F2® Helmet and Fly® Off-Road Jersey.

Dirt Pro Goggles- Red Tech

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